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Echtra: Journey Into Tir na nOg

Echtra: Journey Into Tir na Nog is a concept package developed for HUSS Park Attractions' Top Spin Suspended ride system.


It places guests into a thrilling story that takes place in the Otherworld of Irish mythology and gives them a chance to challenge Oisin, the great warrior poet and crowned king of the Otherworld, for his throne within a ruined castle from centuries long gone.


This was my first project that I was able to take into the blue sky phase of concept ideation, and this package is the result of extensive visual research, reading on Irish folklore, and lots of sketching. All of the digital paintings in the package were created in Photoshop, and all of the 3D elements were modeled, lit, and rendered using Maya and Arnold.


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Erindonahueart Gradient.jpg
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