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The Secret of the S.S. Chatham

The Secret of the S.S. Chatham is a pitch for a high-end immersive escape room adventure. 

In 1870, the steamship Chatham left port in the Hostess City with the wealthy oil magnate Cecil B. Rineheart and his family aboard. They would unfortunately never make it to their next destination in Charleston, South Carolina. It was expected that the ship would arrive in the harbor on the early morning of September 9th, but the vessel never came in. This launched a search team and eventually a rescue effort from both the cities of Savannah and Charleston, but the ship and the Rinehearts were never found. That is, until now.


In 2020, a team of hobbyist divers came across the ship’s hull about 75 meters deep between Tybee Island and Hilton Head. As the newest recruits for LSEA (Lowcountry Shipwreck Exploration Association) guests and their teams have been tasked with excavating the remains of the Chatham and uncovering any clues that may point to its demise. Keep a wary eye out for the supernatural - you’ll find that not everything can be explained by science as we know it. Some secrets are meant to stay below the surface.

This project was featured in InPark Magazine as one of the best submissions for SCAD's THEDscapes competition. Read about the immersive experience concept HERE.

This pitch package and all illustrations were created in Photoshop. Team member responsibilities are labeled.

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