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Soul of the Bayou Food Kiosk

The Soul of the Bayou was once a small but reliable riverboat that carried passengers and cargo up and down the length of the Mississippi River until a mysterious and powerful hurricane in 1915. The massive storm dragged the boat inland from port to Dixie Landin’ in Baton Rouge, where it became stuck in a forested swamp. The crew survived, and fearful of the dark swamp at night, they used the light from fireflies to guide their way out. Years later the abandoned vessel was rediscovered by two airboat tour guides and fishermen who had fallen on hard times since the storm. They seized the opportunity to turn what was left of the boat into a walk-up dining location and served their catches of the day.


Today, Guests can follow the fireflies just like the original crew of the Soul, take in the bayou scenery, and interact with the creatures in the environment from a safe distance while enjoying quick Louisiana classics like gumbo, po’ boys, and French fries.


This pitch package and all illustrations were created in Photoshop, and the models were created, lit, and rendered using Maya and Arnold.

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