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3D Work


Heartstrings is a short 3D animated drama that centers around an Irish young woman named Ailidh who immigrated to New York City in 1910 with little belongings except for her father’s old violin. Ailidh is surprised to find that by playing the violin just like in her memories she’s able to bring her father back to her for one final goodbye, even if only for a moment.

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Enter the Oligocene

Enter the Oligocene is an educational VR experience created in partnership with The Charleston Museum in South Carolina based on a July 2020 publication about early whales designed to fully immerse guests into the Oligocene epoch with scientifically-accurate visuals and exciting narration.

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Written by actor and comedian Harland Williams and directed by Pixar's Teddy Newton, Sneaks follows a group of misplaced sneakers that are lost in New York City and must find their way back to their “sole mates” while avoiding a greedy sneakerhead. The film started preproduction at Ohio Film Group/Lengi Studios in 2018.

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Created in 2020 A.D. in less than ten weeks from start to finish, Legs is the short 3D animated story of a lonely tortured artist of a caveman who finds inspiration - and love - in the most unexpected of places. 

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The Pope's Dog

The award-winning film The Pope's Dog is a comedy of errors that introduces a good-natured and mischievous pope who tries to sneak his new dog into the Vatican, past guards who cling to the old rule that no dogs are allowed. While not technically a 3D film, the Nuke-based lighting technique mirrors SPA Studios' Klaus.

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Jungle Jack's World of Wonders

Based on the career of "Jungle Jack" Hanna in collaboration with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Jungle Jack's World of Wonders was an animated television series that aimed to educate young audiences on habitat conservation and wildlife. 

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