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Themed Entertainment Design

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Echtra: Journey Into Tir na nOg

Echtra: Journey into Tir na nOg is a concept package developed for HUSS Park Attractions' Top Spin Suspended ride system. It places guests into a thrilling adventure wherein they discover the wonders of the Irish Otherworld of legends past - as well as the dangers within.

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Iriria Resort and Spa

Iriria is derived from the earth itself. Surrounded by lush vegetation in the foothills of Arenal Volcano National Park and nestled among the palms on a picturesque white sand beach, the inviting suites, open-air Cartago Spring spa, and 5-star Jardin French fusion restaurant are enveloped by the stunning natural beauty that only Costa Rica can offer. Reflecting that beauty, the earth-based design of the resort combined with environmentally-conscious practices make Iriria Resort and Spa the epitome of luxury in ecotourism. Experience pura vida here.

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Quetzalcoatl Flight

Only the worthiest of individuals are brave enough to ride on the wings of one of the Aztec world’s most revered and respected deities. Quetzalcoatl, god of the wind and air and defender of the park’s temple, takes guests on a thrilling flight through the Mexican jungle. Peril abounds on this rite of passage.  Quetzalcoatl Flight, proposed for Six Flags Mexico City, is a steel wing coaster manufactured by B&M.

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Elsinore: A Hamlet-Themed Bar Experience

Elsinore is an architectural visualization created to illustrate a Hamlet-themed immersive bar experience, complete with performers and specialty cocktails formulated around the theme of poison. Guests are invited to step into the iconic Shakespeare tragedy in a whole new light.

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Soul of the Bayou

Soul of the Bayou was once a riverboat that carried passengers and cargo up and down the length of the Mississippi River until a powerful hurricane in 1915. Years later the abandoned vessel was rediscovered by two airboat tour guides and fishermen who had fallen on hard times since the storm. They seized the opportunity to turn what was left of the boat into a walk-up dining location and served their catches of the day. Today, guests can follow the fireflies just like the original crew of the Soul and enjoy quick Louisiana classics like gumbo, po’ boys, and French fries.

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The Secret of the S.S. Chatham

The Secret of the S.S. Chatham is a proposal for a high-end escape room walkthrough attraction that would occupy an abandoned vacant structure at 2 East Henry Street in Savannah, GA. Guests are immersed in the haunted sunken remains of the S.S. Chatham, which has been rediscovered after its disappearance with the Rineheart family aboard more than 100 years in the past. Guests thrill in their quest to discover the fate of the ship while lurking through various treks throughout the lower decks as ghostly visages of the Rineheart family guide or hinder their adventures. Upon solving their mystery, guests are welcomed to The Crow's Nest in the dome covering the ship where they can enjoy food and drink and trade ghostly stories with other brave explorers of the S.S. Chatham escape adventure.

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